About us

Created by a group of professionals and a product of the company Maple International – founded and owned by Mr. Johann Betzel – helloisnotenough.com is an English language provider catered to business people, job-seekers and students alike.

Many of our clients do not speak English as a first language and with our help, they have refined their writing and created meaningful work and winning applications.

Hello is not enough!

Take English seriously, take your future seriously!

Hello from the Founder & Owner

A Law graduate with education from Humboldt University Berlin and Hamburg University, Mr. Betzel is used to wear many hats, often at the same time. He has extensive experience in the field of language education, particularly in Asia, with focus on China.

Working for over 10 years in many countries and on different continents has enabled him to build a reliable and vast network of language education professionals.

In addition to education, he has worked in marketing and business development. This experience sharpened his leadership skills and further developed his entrepreneurial spirit.

An eclectic personality who understands tradition and cultural differences but always looking into the future, Mr. Betzel is the connecting bridge between you and the world.

To contact Mr. Betzel, please send a message at: owner@helloisnotenough.com